As a society we now understand how critical it is that we all take some responsibility in doing the best we all can for sustainability. Here at A Touch of Glass, now even more than ever, we are aware of our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. Although we have always been very aware of 'doing our bit' ;at a time when the world is becoming ever more aware too, we realised that you, our valued customers, may want to know too.

We are committed to the reuse of as much incoming packaging as possible that comes in to our business. All bubble wrap, plastic pillow cushions etc are stored and used again when sending parcels to protect outgoing items. Additionally, we also re use all boxes if they are undamaged and strong enough to be sent out. If boxes are damaged or not strong enough to be sent out again,they are recycled. We therefore do our best to vastly reduce the amount of packaging we need to source. There is always room for improvement and we shall continue to strive towards 100% reused packaging and recycling within our business.

The re use of all packaging where possible may mean the packaging arriving on your doorstep may not look as smart as a newly printed box with a logo, however we hope you agree that the reason behind this is more than worth it.

Our for the future mission remains to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible within our business, and only source any extra packaging needed from companies which provide packaging from recycled materials or sustainable practices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.